Saturday, August 22, 2009

G Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

I'd stayed at the G Hotel one night before, and wasn't too impressed with this self-consciously odd hotel. However, this time round I was in for a treat. As per last time, the vast open entrance hall was gently booming with ambient jazz, which starts off very soothing, but drives you crazy after a while. The same three odd chords ( a minor 13 / an augmented 9 etc...) repeated endlessly over a hip drum track. You get the picture.

"Sorry: you have to check in on the 15th floor." Oooo. Kay... So up we went... and were served ice-cream (rather nice apple-soybean ice cream) while I got checked in (little hiccup with the credit card - note to self: tell yer credit card company where you're going before you make the trip). After this got sorted... "We've given you a free upgrade to an Executive Suite." A... ha! Time for a little luxury after some of the dives I've been stuck in over the years.

360RM** for an "Executive Suite": two huge rooms that would have made six separate hotel rooms in Singapore: at twice the price. OK, the view was of the apartment building next door (and a bit of the sea), but the room was very luxurious. Free soft drinks in the fridge: admission to the Executive Meeting room (free breakfast: free BEER), and from said Executive Meeting room, what has to be one of the best views of the Malaysian mainland and Penang out to Batu Ferringi. You are not supposed to bring friends in and drink the fridge dry of beer, but they smilingly overlooked this (plus Damian is a charmer). All this and a rubber duck in the bath, too!


Safe travels! Des

**About USD$110 at time of writing.

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